Finding a Flat is Hard. Here’s How Immoscout’s Campaign Made it Easier.

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You probably know someone, if not yourself, who is struggling to find an affordable and ideal apartment in Germany. The pain is not only real as it’s common. And it’s precisely what we addressed for ImmoScout24 in a groundbreaking multi-channel, multi-city campaign that made heads turn.

We set out to understand the core emotional needs of flat seekers and aligned Immoscout’s offerings to solve these challenges, matching brand presence with audience affinity and maximizing both impact and ROI. 

You will see all about it later in this article, so for now, let’s check what GLADTOBE did that was, let’s say, different to what you usually see around.


ImmoScout24 faced a challenge: how to reach and build trust around young housing seekers who are navigating the complexities of finding a flat. This demographic needed more than just listings; they needed a campaign that understood their emotional journey and provided practical solutions. GLADTOBE’s challenge was to make ImmoScout24 their first choice.


Our strategy was rooted in deep consumer insights and innovative media execution. By focusing on the real-life challenges and emotional needs of flat seekers, we crafted a campaign that not only caught attention but also provided practical solutions.

We understood that today’s flat seekers were not just looking for apartments—they were dealing with emotional stress and a desire for authenticity in their search. 

We delivered not just the ‘where’ and ‘when’ of advertising but the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of consumer connection. This combination of requirements led us to create a guerrilla marketing campaign that placed real people’s housing searches at the forefront, humanizing the brand and creating a genuine connection with the audience.


  • Young housing seekers in Germany face significant struggles with high rental prices and limited availability.
  • They experience emotional stress and a sense of urgency in their housing search.
  • They value authenticity and narratives that reflect their personal experiences and struggles. (70% of Gen Z are of the opinion that brand communication is not sufficiently personalized and increasingly expect brands to “show me that they know me”)

Our campaign shifted the narrative from the brand’s imperative voice….

to the consumer’s point of view. 

THE Execution

ImmoScout24 had produced tailor-made, extremely humorous and resonating video ads to reach their target. Each video represented a flat seeker, based on Immoscout24 own consumer data: a couple looking to move in together, a student leaving their parents place to have the first WG experience, or a professional looking to sublet their own flat.

They required expert guidance on how to expand the video campaign, both online and offline, into a quarter-long timeframe that avoided audience fatigue.

The campaign kicked off with a series of guerrilla tactics. Imagine walking through cities like Berlin, Manheim or Würzburg, and seeing billboards featuring real people in desperate search of a flat. These billboards and wild postings, featuring personas such as a young professional looking for an affordable room or a couple moving in together, were designed to look like authentic pleas for housing help.

The fun twist was that these posters looked like genuine efforts by individuals to find a flat. The message was clear: “How far would you go to find a flat?” This approach led to a lot of online buzz on meme pages, Reddit threads, and in online communities. People were intrigued and began sharing these sightings, generating organic word-of-mouth.

After a week, those billboards and wild postings were branded by ImmoScout24, revealing it was a campaign stunt all along. 

A QR code directed viewers to a microsite where they could learn more about the individuals and their housing journeys. The microsite also offered tips and resources for finding an ideal apartment, further positioning ImmoScout24 as a helpful and trusted partner in the housing search.

To amplify the campaign’s reach, we employed a robust digital strategy. We created over 200 assets with engaging content for social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok, where we knew our target audience spent most of their time. 

Video ads, interactive posts, and influencer partnerships helped to spread the word and drive traffic to the microsite.


Think of a billion people seeing your brand. That is the result we got, with over 1.3 billion impressions across digital platforms and social channels. The campaign’s success was further validated by a brand lift study, which revealed an 11.8% increase in ad recall and a 4.9% rise in brand consideration among the young seeker audience.

The GLADTOBE approach

At GLADTOBE, we praise ourselves for being innovative, agile, and partner-centric. We’re known for our curious spirit and a hands-on approach, empowering businesses with strategic and creative media solutions that maximize impact and ROI. We love data-driven strategies, where creativity meets audience insight. We offer brands the tools and opportunities they need to be seen and heard at the perfect moment, in the ideal place.

On top of finding the perfect timing, placement and deal for your campaigns, we can also help you with the messaging! Contact us today to learn how we can help your brand achieve its goals with creativity and impact.

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