Ecommerce Brand Boosts ROAS by 70%

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SNOCKS, a leading German DTC ecommerce startup, aimed to increase engagement and conversions among the 20-50 age demographic using linear TV advertising. Despite their enthusiasm, they needed to refine their approach due to unfamiliarity with the channel’s complexities.


In collaboration with the e-commerce agency GLADTOBE, SNOCKS combined forces to apply a direct analytical approach to help capture critical insights into the performance of their linear TV campaign, enabling improved targeting and strategic optimization.


Even with a mid-campaign CPM increase of a whopping 30%, the strategic adjustments GLADTOBE conducted based on real-time data led to a remarkable 70% increase in ROAS. Further analytics also facilitated the creation of highly efficient creatives, further boosting campaign performance. Our efforts to amplify boosted a substantial 2% uplift in brand awareness among the target audience. 

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