Behind the Scenes: Crafting Immoscout24’s Integrated Campaign

Ever wondered how a massive campaign comes to life? Let’s take a peek behind the scenes at GLADTOBE’s work with Immoscout24. The campaign was a complex, multi-faceted effort, driven by the passion and creativity of the GLADTOBE team. Over 400 assets were created, bringing together guerrilla marketing, offline and online integration, and innovative storytelling. 

Here’s how we pulled it off, straight from the team who made it happen.

Cora, Strategy

The challenge was clear – to resonate with young housing seekers overwhelmed by the complexities of finding a flat. We had to think outside the box and create a campaign that spoke directly to their struggles. Our strategy involved connecting media consumption, brand usage, attitude, and lifestyle data to intelligently profile and target consumers. Once we understood the target market, we ensured they could be reached effectively with the right message.

Together, we created a ‘big idea’ to kick off the campaign, shifting from the brand’s voice to the consumer’s point of view.

Main Points:

  • Identified target audiences and their specific challenges.
  • Developed an integrated strategy with a consumer-centric approach.
  • Emphasis on humanizing the brand and expanding messages through offline and online channels.

Laura, Social Media

Our goal was to create engaging and relatable content that would drive online conversations. We used our deep understanding of social platforms not only to expand our messaging but also be sure to have content that is native to each channel, so that Immo wouldn’t just be a brand in social, but a social brand.

Writing the copy for this campaign was about more than just words. It was about capturing the emotions and real-life struggles of our audience in a way that felt authentic.

Added to our own content, we also collaborated with influencers that could build trust around ImmoScout24’s brand and would bring another level of authenticity to the campaign. 

Main Points:

  • Crafted compelling and relatable copy for various assets.
  • Used humor and psychology to connect with the audience.
  • Collaborated with influencers for an authentic and trustworthy message.

Nico, Design

Designing for this campaign was a massive undertaking. Each asset had to not only look good but also convey the right message instantly. We created over 400 unique assets, focusing on visual impact and message clarity. Collaborating closely with Laura and ImmoScout24’s team, we ensured every design element enhanced the overall campaign.

Main Points:

  • Designed over 400 unique assets for both online and offline use.
  • Focused on creating visually impactful designs that stood out.
  • Worked closely with the copywriter to ensure visual and textual harmony.

Cristian, Media

Booking guerrilla and offline media was a thrilling challenge. We strategically placed billboards and wild postings to create maximum impact with a WOW-effect. The goal was to ensure our offline efforts seamlessly integrated with our online strategies, creating a unified and powerful campaign.

Main Points:

  • Strategically booked placements for billboards and wild postings.
  • Coordinated the execution of guerrilla marketing stunts.
  • Analyzed the effectiveness of different media channels.

Stella, Account ManageMENT

Managing this campaign was about ensuring seamless communication between the client and our team. It was crucial to keep everyone on the same page and deliver on our promises. Coordinating the various aspects of the campaign, from timelines and budgets to client expectations, was essential for its success.

Main Points:

  • Coordinated between the client and the internal team.
  • Managed timelines, budgets, and client expectations.
  • Ensured all deliverables were met on time and to the highest standard.

From interactive street engagements to a massive digital presence, the Immoscout24 campaign was a masterclass in integrated marketing. We achieved over 1.3 billion online impressions and a 4.9% rise in brand awareness. This campaign is proof that with the right strategy, creativity, and teamwork, you can make a significant impact across all platforms.


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