Workations & Remote Work: Enhancing Employee Well-being

We’ve returned from our team trip in Mallorca, prompting us to reflect on this enriching experience and its significance for GLADTOBE. What are the benefits of such workations? Let’s explore.

Our Belief: Freedom and Work-Life Balance

At GLADTOBE, we prioritize freedom and work-life balance. While many companies have adopted remote work post-pandemic, we’ve always been a remote-first agency. Personal development and well-being are paramount, achieved by integrating work seamlessly into our lives.

I am a big enthusiast of the work-from-home culture, but it has its downsides, such as the challenge of getting to know your colleagues. GLADTOBE has championed the home office concept long before COVID, making efforts to bring everyone together annually.” – Cora

“It was always a good experience, to get to know the team around you better and also on a more personal way.” – Kathrina

Prioritizing Mental Health

Mental health is foundational at GLADTOBE. We endorse working from anywhere—be it home, a sunny locale during Germany’s chilly winters, an island retreat—empowering our team to manage their schedules responsibly.

Company trips are crucial for fostering team bonding, boosting morale, and providing a refreshing break from routine, ultimately enhancing productivity.” – Caitlyn

Why Mallorca for Our Workation?

Our choice of Mallorca wasn’t just about showcasing work flexibility but also nurturing team cohesion. Plus, who doesn’t like sun, sea and a bit of Ballerman 😎. Here’s how our team experienced it:

The GLADTOBE team made our Mallorca workation exceptional with their enthusiasm, collaboration, and positive energy, setting a new standard for future trips.” – Pouriya

Due to the geographical diversity of our team, it’s quite a shame that we only see each other once or twice a week, and not even in person but via the boring screen. Therefore, I think it was so nice to have the chance to meet some of you for the first time and see how cool you are, not only professionally but socially too.” – Huong Do

The Benefits of Workations

Workations, like our Mallorca trip, offer invaluable benefits:

  • Enhanced Creativity and Innovation: Working in a new environment sparks creativity and fosters innovative thinking, bringing fresh perspectives and ideas.
  • Improved Communication and Collaboration: Workations facilitate face-to-face interactions and informal discussions, strengthening team dynamics and productivity.
  • Renewed Motivation and Engagement: A change in scenery renews employee motivation and engagement, inspiring enthusiasm for tasks and projects upon returning to their regular work environment.

It was interesting for me to be in a non office environment and get things done, it takes away a bit the office vibe and facilitate more conversation with the colleges. – Nico

Company trips are important to me because they foster team cohesion and enhance communication, leading to improved collaboration and productivity. They also provide an opportunity to recharge and gain fresh perspectives, which can inspire innovative ideas and solutions.” – Santino

At GLADTOBE, we believe happy, fulfilled employees deliver their best work. Workations are one way we promote a healthy, productive workforce. Here’s to more adventures and growth together as a community valuing each individual’s development.

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