Eric’s 100 days at gladtobe

Eric joined the GLADTOBE team back in January. Today, it’s time to look back at his first 100 Days and his new journey as a VP Marketing & Consulting. 

What's Your biggest Learning of the past 100 Days?

New work environments spark new opportunities, and great people inspire new curiosities. There’s never a dull day here. Yes, things are super fast-paced compared to my previous environment, and it took some time to adjust, but now I have adapted and found my own suitable tempo. There is time to “get things done” while simultaneously enabling others through trust. I keep discovering that there is no template for workflows, no one-size-fits-all strategy, and no shortcuts to success; it all requires dedication, motivation, and focus.

How was your onboarding with gladtobe?

Onboarding? I’m not sure there was one, to be honest. My first day involved preparing for a pitch and by the second day, I was recommending media strategies. I jumped straight in like a fish to water. I thrived on the rush, which energized me to learn and share simultaneously. Little effort was required for me to blend in; I really enjoy meeting new people, so I relished the thrill of it all. And I still do.

What's your biggest achievement since you joined?

I’m not a big fan of comparing achievements, as I am grateful for every experience I am given, whether it’s labeled an achievement or not. However, if I had to choose one, it would be my seamless integration into the team. I really enjoy the team spirit and drive, ensuring that priorities are not just maintained but achieved. Enabling my team of colleagues to venture into new curiosities that will help them develop professionally is perhaps a great achievement I’d like to highlight if I had to.

Onto the next 100 days! What is your goal?

The next 100 days for me are about gathering as many new experiences as possible, meeting interesting new people, and listening to them carefully. Who knows, I might be able to help out either directly or through someone I know who is better suited. Either way, it’s all about spreading knowledge and experiences with our fellow people. One of the tools for spreading knowledge is through our Social Media / Content strategy, which we have been carefully developing (a team goal).

Wanna chat with Eric or someone in our team? Don't hesitate to reach out, we are gladtoconnect!

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