YouTube’s Expansion into Connected TV: A Game-Changer for Advertisers

As the marketing landscape continues to evolve, YouTube is making bold moves to establish itself as a powerhouse in the realm of Connected TV (CTV) advertising. With the expansion of its 30-second non-skippable ads to CTV campaigns via YouTube Select, advertisers now have a unique opportunity to engage with audiences on the big screen and make a lasting impact.

 The Shift to Longer Ads on Connected TV

Traditionally, viewers would encounter two consecutive 15-second ads while watching content on YouTube. However, the introduction of longer ads means that viewers will now experience a single 30-second ad. This move by YouTube aligns with the evolving preferences of consumers and the increasing popularity of streaming services.

The Growing Reach of YouTube via CTV

According to Nielsen, YouTube has become the most-watched streaming service for TV in the United States, reaching over 150 million people through CTV. This staggering reach opens up a world of possibilities for advertisers looking to tap into a vast and engaged audience.

Interactive Pause Experiences: Seizing the Moment

In addition to expanding ad formats, YouTube is introducing interactive Pause experiences for CTV campaigns. This innovative feature allows advertisers to display ads when a viewer pauses a video. By owning this moment, advertisers can effectively drive awareness or prompt immediate action from their target audience.

What Does This Mean for YouTube Advertisers?

YouTube’s investment in CTV offerings is a game-changer for advertisers. With 70% of impressions from YouTube Select coming from TV devices, this enhanced ad tool opens up new avenues for brands to reach audiences in their homes and create more memorable experiences with longer ads.

The format seamlessly aligns with viewers’ expectations on the big screen, providing an opportunity for advertisers to maximize their reach and consider incorporating YouTube’s various Connected TV options. By leveraging this platform, marketers can tap into the power of storytelling and captivate their audience in ways that were previously unexplored.

YouTube’s Vision for the Future

During YouTube’s annual Brandcast presentation to advertisers, YouTube CEO Neal Mohan acknowledged the changing media landscape and emphasized the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in driving transformative change. Mohan highlighted the power of AI in delivering targeted ads, improving measurement, and adapting creative content to reach viewers across different platforms

As YouTube continues to innovate and capitalize on strategic partnerships, such as its acquisition of the NFL Sunday Ticket package, advertisers can expect even more exciting opportunities to engage with audiences. With access to exclusive NFL content and the ability to create original programming, YouTube remains a go-to platform for sports enthusiasts and advertisers alike.

Unlocking the Potential with GLAD TO BE

As marketers navigate this evolving landscape, GLAD TO BE stands at the forefront, offering expertise and guidance in leveraging YouTube’s CTV tools. Our agency combines the power of AI optimization with creative strategies to help brands achieve exceptional results.

With our industry-leading insights and data-driven approach, GLAD TO BE enables marketers to revolutionize their advertising game. As thought leaders in the field, we understand the significance of YouTube’s expansion into CTV and can help brands capitalize on this trend to maximize their ROI and connect with their target audience like never before.


YouTube’s expansion into Connected TV advertising presents a world of opportunities for marketers. By embracing longer ads and interactive experiences, brands can reach audiences on the big screen, increase memorability, and tap into the vast potential of YouTube’s CTV offerings.

As the marketing landscape continues to evolve, GLAD TO BE remains at the forefront, empowering brands to unlock the full potential of AI-driven marketing strategies. With our transformative approach and expertise, we can help brands navigate the ever-changing digital landscape and achieve unparalleled success.

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