100 Days at GLADTOBE

The start of a new journey

On the 2d of October 2023, 4 individuals started their experience at GLADTOBE. It’s now time for Cora, Stella, Nico and Laura to reflect on their first 100 days of learning, growth, development and much more.

Cora's first 100 days

Hey there! Cora here, your Strategy Lead at GLADTOBE. Today marks my 100th day in the agency, and I’ve been tasked by our Social Media Lead, Laura, to share a bit about my journey. So, for those who are interested:

It all started with a bang – working on the agency’s transformation from drtv.agency to GLADTOBE. Truly amazing way to kick off, especially now seeing all of the merch we have (thanks to Nico, you will read about him too).

Then, came our first cross-channel campaign with ImmoScout24: integrating OOH and wild posting, organic social media, performance marketing, display advertising, and influencer partnerships across five touchpoints, each tailored to unique personas and brand aspirations. The cherry on top? Hearing friends chat about our work in a bar, totally clueless that it was all GLADTOBE.

And all of this while hopping between Croatia and Spain. Tough life, watching sunsets on an island after a hard day’s work…but there’s more! I also managed to squeeze in two weddings. AND THERE IS MORE! I even juggled an intensive three-month German course amidst all this. Work-life balance? I’ve seen it here.

And here’s my final humblebrag – I’m on a four-day workweek, pushing me to master self-organization and task efficiency. Communication is a breeze. You know those meetings that could’ve been emails? Here, they actually are. 

This is us in the team event (I was just trying to do a peace sign, by the way).

And finally, to stop all of the writing as Laura said she only needed one paragraph, I want to highlight the team event in Stuttgart – nothing beats exploring a new city and bonding over Greek delicacies.

In a nutshell: 100 days of creativity, challenges, and cherishing moments, making me truly glad to be here. And that, I hope, is just the beginning.

Stella's first 100 days

Hey, I’m Stella – the account manager known for her obsession with organisation, planning and her love for numbers (to be in the black), excel spreadsheets, new client relationships and personally restaurants and fashion.

It’s 5pm and I was just coerced by the Social Media Lead – Laura – to not only celebrate but write about my 100 days at GLAD TO BE.*

What to say… I love keeping budgets under control and allocating them smartly – at least when it comes to work.
Personally I tend to follow Carrie Bradshaw’s philosophy: “I like my money where I can see it – in my closet!” Especially in the form of winter jackets, as Laura aptly pointed out with her social media trend eye.

My journey at GLADTOBE began with the transformation from drtv.agency to GLADTOBE (you probably read that before in Cora’s text) and the simultaneous start of a cross-channel campaign with ImmoScout24. Balancing this with my morning green smoothie routine was a little difficult at times, but as an organisation freak, I managed that too…(ofc ;))

Soon there were more clients, more budgets and more organisation to take care of on my desk, which led me to bigger challenges as well as new learnings such as TV and podcast advertising. What an opportunity.  (Special thanks among others to AP, Caitlyn, Cristian for teaching, helping and trusting me).. now you have a podcast princess in the office (a title I wear with pride as a podcast enthusiast and former podcast host).

Cheers to more excel sheets, new clients, campaigns and budgets to allocate in the best way possible for our clients to help them reach their goals.
GLADTOBE part of this journey, the great team and agency itself ✨

* Laura here, please let the record show, that it is a lie and that she was given AT LEAST 2 hours to complete the task. 

Note to Eric & Viktor, who just started: I can warn you, this is coming for you too! Let’s speak in 90 days! 

Nico's first 100 days

Starting fresh after our old company went bust, I had a mix of “What now?” vibes, but I rolled with it.

I found myself in a new team with some familiar faces and some not-so-familiar ones. It’s been a ride from uncertainty to actually enjoying the challenges.
Getting to know these colleagues in a new gig is like meeting old pals in a different setting. Uncertain about the future initially, but diving into the new role brought on some cool challenges.

Looking ahead, the excitement for what’s next is pushing me forward. The unpredictable journey is where the fun is at. Stoked for what the future holds!

– Laura here again, Nico forgot to mention what an amazing job he did creating designs for new sweaters, notebooks, stickers & co! We’re very proud to have him in our team as our Senior Designer. He’s doing a beautiful job! 

Laura's first 100 days

Hi there! I’m Laura, the new Social Media Lead for GLADTOBE and the person pushing for the fun little lines you’ve seen from my teammates. I thought it would be a great way to capture the start of a (hopefully) long and exciting chapter here at GLADTOBE.

My first 100 days within the agency felt like a whirlwind, packed with new learnings, exciting pitches, incredible new colleagues, and beautiful collaborations. It’s like we’ve just started, yet it feels like we’ve been here all along.

Super comfy GLADTOBE sweater, made by Nico!

Coming from the digital world, I was happy to discover traditional media (TV, OOH, print, etc.) and what it entails. Thanks to amazing pitch opportunities and the great collaboration between the offline and online teams, I witnessed the power of teamwork and creative synergy.

Aside from this, I’ve also been involved in revamping the website, crafting a great social media strategy, and developing a strong employer branding for our company (stay tuned, it’s coming soon!). I’ve also had the opportunity to go to a TikTok Conference, learning more about the platform and its growing trends. 

My first 100 days at GLADTOBE have also shown the company’s commitment to work-life balance. As a spinning instructor on the side, I’ve been able to integrate my passion into my work schedule (catch me on my bike almost every day before or after work!). I’ve even had the opportunity to work remotely from my parents’ place in Belgium and my grandparents’ countryside house in Germany. 

I’m grateful for the trust and belief GLADTOBE has placed in me. I love how they encourage us to try new things, even if we might fail sometimes, knowing that we’ll learn and grow in the process.

I’m excited to continue this journey and create even more beautiful memories with GLADTOBE. Here’s to 1,000 more days of learning, growing, and creating together!

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