The Rise of Audio Content

Why Brands Are Betting Big on Podcasts

In just five years, podcast listeners have surged by 69% – on Spotify alone, the number of podcasts has skyrocketed from 500 thousand in 2019 to over 4 million today. According to GWI’s recent report, people are listening more than ever – averaging 49 minutes daily, rivaling the time spent on video games.

The growth of podcasts has been paralleled by an evolution in advertising strategies and formats, along with a heightened consumer interest in learning more about brands in this engaging medium. Whether it’s leveraging the personal touch of host-read ads, exploring dynamic and interactive advertising options, or aligning with content that resonates with your target audience, we at GLAD TO BE help you  answer the “why” and “how” of adding podcasts to your media mix. 

How effective is podcast advertising?

1) Engaged Audience

Podcasting stands out for its uniquely intimate listening atmosphere, fostering a strong parasocial bond between hosts and listeners. This bond is deepened as hosts delve into diverse topics, allowing brands to reach niche markets with precisely crafted messages. The podcast audience is known for its high engagement levels, with many listeners tuning into every episode from start to finish, providing advertisers with a captive audience for ads.

2) Trust Factor

In the United States alone, Acast’s research reveals that 95% of frequent podcast listeners have taken action after hearing an audio ad. A Magna Global study showed that 48% of UK listeners trust podcast hosts more than traditional media hosts. When a podcast host endorses a product, it carries substantial credibility, leading to 72% of listeners visiting an advertiser’s website, and 62% making a purchase after hearing a host-read sponsorship.

3) Brand Lift

Podcasts offer a unique advantage for brands looking to elevate their market presence. The key benefit lies in ‘Brand Recall,’ which at 24%, stands out as the most substantial driver of brand lift in podcast advertising. This demonstrates that listeners are highly likely to remember brands they hear about in podcasts. The personal and engaging nature of podcasts, coupled with the baseline awareness and the pleasure derived from enjoyable content, can significantly captivate and resonate with the audience.

4) Measurable Impact

With advanced analytics and data, podcast advertising effectiveness is no longer a shot in the dark. Detailed insights into listener behaviors and preferences guide strategic decisions, allowing for precise targeting and measurement of campaign effectiveness. This data-driven approach ensures maximized impact and return on investment.

5) A Forward-Thinking Approach

As we move towards a more on-demand, mobile-first world, podcasts are becoming integral to daily routines. They reach consumers in moments where visual ads can’t, such as during work or travel (MIDAS’ Summer Survey 2022).

6) Streamlined Native Advertising

Podcast advertising offers the distinct advantage of creating native ads with ease and efficiency. By co-creating content with podcasters, you’ll ensure that your brand’s message is integrated into the podcast narrative, feeling more like a natural part of the conversation. This approach, coupled with the vast diversity of podcasts available, enables precise targeting of niche audiences in a low-production yet highly effective manner, making it an ideal strategy for authentic and impactful brand storytelling.

Podcast Ads: The What and The How

GLAD TO BE specializes in leveraging the nuanced dynamics of podcast ads to amplify brand presence and drive listener engagement. Our curated services, from host-read to contextual targeting, are designed to drive brand growth and listener loyalty:

Host-Read Ads: Our host-read ads deliver a genuine, integrated message that resonates like a recommendation from a trusted friend, elevating your brand’s relatability and listener connection.

Presenter-Read Ads: Opt for our presenter-read ads for a scripted, versatile option that can be broadcast across various podcasts simultaneously, offering a cost-effective approach to reach broader audiences.

Contextual targeting: We place your pre-produced ads strategically within different podcasts of a network, based on:  

  1. Show categories: Reach listeners while they listen to podcasts that are relevant to the brand.
  2. Topics of the episodes: Reach listeners while they listen to podcast episodes on specific topics relevant to the brand

CTA-Cards: Double your website traffic with Call-to-Action Cards: as listeners tune into the podcast, an actionable card prompts them, encouraging immediate visits to your website or product page with just a click.

Podcasts offer you nuanced targeting options and measurable impact—key pieces in the puzzle of modern marketing.

GLAD TO BE’s approach to maximize your brand growth

You’re not just buying ads; you’re investing in moments. People tune into podcasts while commuting, working out, or cooking. Your ad can be part of that moment.

At GLAD TO BE, we get it. You want modern, you want measurable, you want impactful. We’re about ads that don’t just get heard; but also get remembered. And with the full spread of podcast networks at our fingertips, we can find the sweet spot for your message. We customize, we optimize, and we maximize—your ROI, your brand recall, your whole podcast presence.

Connect with us, and let’s make your brand the talk of the town... or at least the talk of the commutes.

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