Threads: The Meta-Backed Twitter Rival Taking Brands by Storm

Move over Twitter, Threads has arrived, and it’s making waves in the social media world like never before. With a staggering 70 million users signing up within 48 hours and reaching a whopping 100 million users in just five days, Threads is setting new records and commanding attention. While its arrival in the EU remains uncertain due to strict privacy regulations, brands must be proactive in preparing for potential opportunities. GLAD TO BE is here to explore Threads’ unique features, its target audience, and how brands can stay ahead in the face of its anticipated arrival.

First things first: what exactly is Threads?

Developed by Meta (formerly Facebook) and designed as a direct rival to Twitter, Threads offers text updates and public conversations, but with 500 characters instead of the standard 240. 

With its tight integration to Instagram, brands with substantial followings on Instagram quickly found a ready-made audience on Threads

Instagram’s friendlier reputation for brands, combined with Twitter’s loss of 50% ad revenue and growing frustration over hate speech and tech glitches, puts Threads in a strong position to gain both advertisers and regular users.

How are brands joining the conversation?

Threads has strategically welcomed brands, influencers, and celebrities, paving the way for frictionless interactions and rapid growth. With brands like Wendy’s and Netflix leading the conversation, brand-on-brand chatter shapes the Threads environment. 

Engaging users with trendy internet slang and self-promotion, Threads predominantly attracts Gen Z and millennial consumers, fostering genuine communication and close friendships. Brands can capitalize on this dynamic by understanding the platform’s intended user base and crafting individualized content to forge intimate connections.

Leveraging Stories and status updates, brands can provide behind-the-scenes insights and develop real-time connections with their audience. The Close Friends list opens avenues for targeted engagement with devoted and active fans, enriching the brand-user relationship.

Can brands advertise?

Threads may not have a formal ads program yet, but some deals have already appeared on the fast-growing app. The first being of a Hulu partnership with creator Adam Rose promoting “Futurama,” labeling it as a “Hulu Partner” message:

As metrics are still developing, success is measured by innovation and buzz: brands can track engagement by likes compared to organic posts, and how many comments for a question-and-answer content.

Some organizations are already making clever use of Threads’ algorithm – self-referential humor about Threads’ novelty and its playful rivalry with Twitter has been particularly effective in captivating audiences, as well as traditional hacking growth techniques such as Giveaways and “Caption This”.

As Threads operates under the same privacy policy and business model as other Meta-owned platforms, targeted advertising may be introduced in the future, aligning with Facebook and Instagram practices. This expansive data collection enables detailed user profiling for personalized experiences and targeted advertising.

In the absence of paid tiers and ads, brands can experiment with the platform to lower the risk of exploring a new text-based social media app without building a following from scratch.

For now, the lack of concrete metrics may pose a challenge for analyzing performance. The tools have yet to launch, and even then, marketers will need concrete metrics to judge how paid content performs. While it has rudimentary metrics like likes, replies, and reposts, it lacks crucial data like demographics, impressions, reach, and post saves.

When is Threads coming to Europe?

European users are left waiting, as Threads is not yet available in the European Union due to restrictions under the Digital Markets Act, which prohibits using personal information from one social network as a basis for another. 

While the initial excitement was immense, the platform has faced challenges, with a 70% drop in the frequency of returning users and dwindling time spent on the app. Threads’ absence of features, such as a web interface and exclusive content viewing, has disappointed users. 

Additionally, the growing presence of brands and companies on Threads has led to a more commercialized experience, despite the platform not yet having integrated advertising. However, with the potential for future updates and the anticipation of its European launch, Threads might yet see a resurgence in popularity as it expands its reach to new audiences.

How can you prepare for the arrival of Threads?

Preparing for Threads’ arrival in Europe demands vigilance in monitoring its performance in other regions. Analyzing user behavior, content trends, and engagement patterns in existing markets will guide marketers in tailoring strategies to Europe’s unique landscape.

Rapid growth and adoption:

Threads App’s rapid growth, with 100 million sign-ups since its launch, offers an attractive prospect for advertisers seeking a ready audience. Brands can use the platform creatively to target their customers and engage them effectively.

Monitor Threads’ Launch in other regions:

Analyzing Threads’ performance in regions where it is already available provides valuable insights into user behavior, content trends, and engagement patterns. This data can help tailor marketing strategies accordingly when the platform arrives in Europe.

Understand Threads’ Features and Unique Selling Points:

Studying Threads’ features and functionalities will enable brands to anticipate how it may differ from other social media platforms and leverage those distinctions to their advantage.

Build a Strong Community on Instagram:

As Threads is deeply integrated with Instagram, brands should focus on strengthening their presence and community on this platform. Seamless integration of Threads content into existing Instagram marketing strategies will create a cohesive brand experience across both platforms.

Prepare for Privacy Concerns and Regulatory Compliance:

As Threads’ entry into the European market is uncertain due to privacy concerns and the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), brands must stay informed about updates and adapt strategies accordingly.

Leverage the Close Friends List for Targeted Engagement:

The Close Friends list, unique to Threads, allows for creating exclusive relationships with devoted and active fans, fostering deeper brand connections.

Embrace Stories and Status Updates:

Utilize real-time updates through Stories and status updates to provide behind-the-scenes glimpses into brand activities, occasions, or product development procedures.

Stay Active on Existing Platforms:

While awaiting Threads’ EU launch, brands should continue engaging with their audience on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to maintain relevance and participation in trending conversations.


Embracing this new social media contender will unlock new opportunities for growth, engagement, and connection, propelling brands toward future success in the ever-evolving digital world.

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